Virtual Production - In the middle of the future

The hollow is 36 meters wide and 15 meters high. When the technician switches on the Batman level on the giant LED screen, everyone’s breath catches. It’s like standing in the middle of the skyscraper – Gotham City is in front of you. “Do you need anything else?” The technician adds a spotlight and a few new skyscrapers at the click of a mouse and makes it rain virtually. It’s like playing a computer game: the particular level that appears on the cinema-like screen can be adapted to all needs instantly. In most cases, the levels are also produced especially for a project. The camera is equipped with a Game Engine coupled – it moves in a “volumetric space”.

Advantages of Virtual Cinematography

But why use Virtual Production at all? Imagine that your new commercial is to be set in three different locations: New York, a stalactite cave, and Mars. With LED technology, the whole world fits on one screen, no matter what subject is needed. Travel and transport costs, as well as accommodation, location rental and much more are not necessary, there are no problems with the weather and you also don’t have to get permission from the space agency … 😉

But why not use a green screen for this? That can all be retouched in afterwards, can’t it?

Greenscreen versus StageCraft

True. But the new LED technology offers some enormous advantages over a classic green screen production, where filming takes place against a green background. Since everything is already visible live on location, the whole film team can react flexibly and work in much more detail: The setting of the skyscraper canyons of New York can be spontaneously extended by a few elements according to the customer’s wishes. The camera and light are reset accordingly, and the color of the spotlights is adjusted. The director responds to the expanded surround and repositions the actors. Result: The scene is in the can exactly as it should be!

State of the Art: XXL Productions

The time-consuming process of VFX post-production is shortened enormously: Backgrounds no longer have to be added afterwards, nor do 3D animations or special effects. Reflective costumes or mirroring props are no longer a problem with the latest LED technology and can be used much more creatively. The film is ready much earlier! All in all, we can say: If you shoot with the latest LED technology, you get a higher-quality result. Wishes can be flexibly implemented on site and weeks of waiting are no longer necessary.

Is Virtual Production right for my project? What prices should I expect?

If you want a high-quality solution that keeps up with Cinema and Netflix, Virtual Production is the right choice for you. But the prices to rent a studio are extremely high, plus equipment, the team and electricity costs. Nevertheless, for some projects it may be worthwhile to rely on virtual production technology.

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