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... a variety of services for your successful public representation!

Whatever kind of service we provide for you, whatever kind of video we produce, we like to tell stories that will be remembered: through emotional storytelling, memorable images, original locations and exciting casting, through perfectly placed lighting and professional sound, through the right background music and the right speakers.

We believe stories speak to people, and good stories leave a lasting impression -
on both the head and the heart.

We tell your story. This does not have to mean: long, detailed, with many words. This can mean: touching, arousing curiosity, arousing emotions. We want to move your viewers, and do so in a way that reaches them – sustainably and memorably.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Xing, LinkedIn: Are these all conundrums to you? Then you should definitely seek advice in the run-up to your project, your campaign or any external media presentation. Because: If the search engine is reluctant, the reputation is already ruined! Why? Because delayed search engine discoverability directly impacts your reputation. We know our online marketing as well as we know our film and video production. Don’t hesitate to make use of our expertise from day one!

In the beginning is the idea, it ignites and inspires the subsequent creative steps in the making of a film. We place the highest value on strong storytelling – weak ideas are weeded out. It is imperative to be distinct and memorable to your target audience. Therefore, we only work with experienced and renowned authors and directors.

Your live event will be a complete success with us as a competent service provider: We design your live streaming and organize all important points from the selection of the right platform to the technology. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials: connecting with your target group.

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The goal: to win over your audience in the shortest possible time! With a concise story and images that stick. We know from neuromarketing that small details have a big impact. A commercial arouses emotions and makes viewers curious: about your product, about your services, about your company. Attention guaranteed!


Show who you are! Your employer branding, your products, your philosophy. In short: show your company. The way it is and the way you want to present yourself: for a trade fair, for customer visits, for your website or on social media channels.

The search for qualified personnel is harder today than ever before. With a recruiting video in your employer branding strategy, you address younger target groups and present your company appealingly on social media channels.

Your company at the expo, booth stands: check! Employees are briefed: check! Giveaways and product catalogs are neatly placed: check! But how do you attract your target group to your trade fair stand? A high-quality expo video can be sent out in advance by your marketing department to all your customers. Or you can use a video wall to attract trade fair visitors to your stand by means of moving images. Take advantage of a trade show film or mood loop for your customer journey.

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Sometimes it doesn’t have to be big film fireworks. You simply want to convey an important innovation, a product novelty or company news in a personal greeting/ statement to employees, colleagues or important stakeholders. A professionally recorded interview is exactly the right tool for this. In addition to good tone, eloquence and aplomb are also required here. Our experienced and professional team will guide you and ensure you never slip up – that’s our promise. 

Animations are in high demand and add value to any film project. As one of our most requested services, we are proud to provide special expertise in this field – either as fully animated projects, or in combination with real images. In this way, we showcase your processes, products and facts in an easily understandable and aesthetically pleasing manner, all the while setting new creative standards and helping you to stand out.

Procedures or rules of conduct, modes of operation or concepts. A short, concise and excitingly narrated explainer video can save a lot of explanations and is flexible to use. Whether for an induction, further training, for dealing with products or in employer branding: access is available to everyone, anywhere and at any time – if you want it.

Social media offers a company the opportunity to reach its customers in a private atmosphere at eye level and to influence the perception of its brand or a product at an early stage. We show you which social network promises the most success and how to make optimal use of the reach to accommodate your company’s needs. We take care of your digital marketing activities and you dedicate yourself to your core business.

With the help of 3D animation, complex processes can be presented in an easily understandable way, products are brought to life and new developments are presented in an exciting way. Where the real image reaches its limits, 3D animation expands reality. Seize the opportunity of limitless possibilities!

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What can your product do? How does it work and where do you use it? What does it look like? What is the focus of the services you offer? Whether it’s about the look, the function, or special features: With a product video we convey the essence of your offer. Of course, we also take care of the product photography for you!

Exciting perspectives from other angles: Drone videos, aerials and aerial photographs impress us and provide a new look. We also stage your company or the shot in your TV or feature film from the air – don’t worry: our pilots are certified and we take care of all the permits!

Your label has a new hot band – the beat is tight, the vibes are right. Now, only the marketing remains, before you can fully launch your No. 1 artist. With the right music video, your chances of becoming known rise exponentially – because images go straight to the head, while evoking emotions in your heart. A strong tool that you should definitely make use of!


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