Allow US to introduce ourselves:

The creative team of Eigenart Filmproduktion

Our creative team also works so well because our skills complement each other perfectly. We simply enjoy working together and even live the same values and goals in the employer branding of Eigenart Filmproduktion:

Daniel Leonforte
Owner, Creative Producer

"Who really listens, understands even the unsaid."

Daniel Leonforte | Owner, Creative Producer

Perception on multiple levels is his specialty. With great openness, he thinks his way into the most complex topics and always keeps the overall context of a communication concept in mind. As an experienced strategic consultant, he enables his clients to find a customized communications solution that works and inspires.

His reliability, his organizational talent in the multi-layered production process, his broad know-how and his benevolent manner make working with him a pleasure!

Experience: production management, conception and consulting for film projects, cameraman/DOP, motion design, 360° video, VR/AR applications, 3D animations, editing, drone operator, trainer for creative applications, coaching training, trainer for communication and presentation seminars.

Corinna Leibig
Writer, Director & Creative Director

"If you really want to reach people, tell them a story - and a good story at that!"

Corinna Leibig | Author, Director & Creative Director

She is at home in storytelling. Maybe because she secretly read through all the books on her parents’ bookshelf as a child? Perhaps because she is open-minded and curious and her unusual curriculum vitae has already enabled her to have the most varied experiences? Because she has a soft spot for people and psychology?

Her fantastic flair, her astuteness for good stories and image compositions and her communication talent enrich our team!

Experience: author of several published books, author of journalistic texts and interviews. Illustration and storyboard, years of experience in strategic planning. Conception and creation in advertising and design, coaching training, co-trainer.


Renatus Töpke
Screenwriter and conceptual designer

"Writing is the best way to say something, without being interrupted"

Renatus Töpke | Screenwriter and Conceptual Designer

Empathy is what Renatus is all about. Whether it’s talking to the customer to find out what they want and where they want to go with their product. Or in asking the right questions to get the right answers. In addition, he enjoys his work and is passionate about storytelling.

His quick thinking, charming way of talking and directing, and humor regularly make us laugh and marvel.

Experience: Renatus has not only written, produced or directed some 400 image spots and commercials. He has written tens of scripts for feature films, series episodes and sketch comedy since the early 2000s.

Social Responsibility:

The heavy metal coloring book.

Otherwise: I help carry suitcases at the train station, help grannies cross the street, and help single moms fall asleep.

Stefanie Schuler
Social media expert

"Communication has never been so easy!"

Stefanie Schuler | Social Media Expert

Since discovering social media more than 20 years ago, she has been enthusiastically thinking in hashtags. As an experience junkie, she loves getting to know new people and products and marketing them authentically. True to the motto “Put your phone on and let’s go!”. She surfs through social networks with ease and has recognized the secret of social media: It’s not about being overly glossy or perfect, but about being who you are and sharing that positively with the world.

Her ease in dealing with social media inspires us and her uncomplicated and positive manner is simply fun to work with.

Experience: Stefanie brings 14 years of experience in marketing, sales and consulting. Starting with classic online marketing, she has now focused completely on social media and turned her passion into her profession.

Social Responsibility:

An animal lover and member of an animal charity, she helps with street education and regularly walks dogs from shelters. It also advises and assists in finding new owners.