Post-production: Much more than "just" the finishing touches

The shooting is finished and the video material is in the can. Perfect! But where do we go from here? Since several takes of each scene are usually shot, and from different camera angles at that, we’re talking about a whole mountain of moving image data that needs to be edited before a finished film can be created. This is where Postproduction Frankfurt comes into play.

Film editing, color grading and sound editing

First of all, all the footage is sifted through, relevant scenes and camera angles are selected and assembled into a first rough draft in the editing program. It is important that the sequence of scenes is correct and that the best takes are selected. Animations, visual effects and/or 3D visualizations are also added.

The second step is digital post-processing: colors are adjusted in color grading, selective color corrections and image retouching are done – the entire footage is optimized. In addition, the sound is post-processed: Background noise is eliminated, VoiceOver and sound effects are placed under the rough cut, as well as the appropriate music. For multilingual realizations, the VoiceOver is translated and inserted either as a language version, or with subtitles.

The music sets the pace

Music sets the mood and subtly influences the emotions of the audience. As one of the most important stylistic devices, it therefore often also sets the rhythm of the film editing. The choice of music therefore requires a great deal of tact and experience.

You want to put a Michael Jackson title under your movie? This is possible – but it costs! If the music selection is not GEMA-free, there are various rights and licenses to consider. Maybe that’s why not always the best choice, especially if the budget is limited. But if it should be something very special: How about your own composition? We work closely with sound designers and composers who create a custom audio experience to accompany their images.

Export and distribution

Wonderful – the film is cut and set to music, the color grading is correct and no further corrections are needed. But which format should it be? High quality for cinema and TV, or the smallest possible file sizes for web and mobile? We are also interested in the distribution of your finished video production: Is it a single spot with the broadest possible target group appeal, or an entire campaign of moving image formats that is to perform with narrowly defined target groups on social media? Be that as it may, we will actively support you in distributing your video format on all possible channels.

For your project planning: The right timing

One last question remains: How should this complex process of producing a film be planned most efficiently? As a general rule, one day of shooting usually entails two days of editing. In addition, the duration of post-production also depends on the amount of necessary post-processing and corrections. From a few hours to several months – everything is possible here.
Do you have an event but no time to go through an elaborate post-production process? You want to publish your video very quickly overnight? Here we recommend for example aLive editing on site: In this case, Postproduktion Frankfurt is present live at your event, receives the video footage of the camera team simultaneously and works out the final cut of the video within the day of the event.

Simply contact us: We will work with you in advance to find the best way to realize your project. So you can time your video project exactly and look forward to the result in a relaxed way!

Need help with post-production?

Feel free to contact us for quick and easy help in completing your project.