German Unity Intercultural Explainer Video


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Project Description German Unity Intercultural Explainer Video

As part of the reunification celebrations, a website and several educational and informational films were created in cooperation with Eduversum Verlag, the illustrator Corinna Leibig, and the Federal Foundation for Reappraisal, which portrays German reunification from the perspective of former immigrants who resided in the GDR. Original excerpt from the website:

More than 30 years ago, people in the GDR protested peacefully for more freedom. The Peaceful Revolution led to the opening of the borders and the reunification of Germany. Photos from that time show happy people lying in each other’s arms and celebrating the reunification. However, if you talk to immigrants or their descendants about German unity, they not only tell you about their joy and enthusiasm, but also about racism, exclusion and insecurity. What the stories behind these tales are and what impact they still have today, you can learn on this website.

Production period


Objective of the project

Civic Education.

Main tasks in the implementation of the project

Concept, illustrations, text conception voiceover, motion design, shooting, camera, editing, colorgrading


Online use, social media, offline use in class.