Raps 3D Animation


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Project Description Raps Image Film

3d animation refers to the computer-aided generation of animations. It uses the means of computer graphics and supplements them with additional techniques.

Sometimes a distinction is made between computer-aided and computer-generated 3D animation. While the former relies on digitized drawings, the latter works with a three-dimensional scene from which images are generated directly. In this project we used a hybrid of 3D elements and photos. Casting, food and people shooting were central tasks in the pre-production phase. In compositing, the challenge was to merge the photos with the 3D elements in a way that resulted in a visually consistent look.

The topic of 3D animation is extremely diverse. It is exciting to incorporate real elements in this type of project and still produce a homogeneous image for the recipient. You have your own 3D project that you would like to have produced? We will be happy to advise you on this and design a concept with you that is tailored to your needs. We produce realistic architectural visualizations, product visualizations but also cartoon-look images/animations. Do not hesitate and contact us!


UGW Communications

Production period


Image film objective

Increase awareness, consolidate image

Main tasks

Conception film, storyboard, photo shooting (people & food), visualization, organization and planning, animation


Online campaign