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Project description SmartLoyalty Marketing Instruments

Marketing instruments are those means and measures that marketing or the management of a company can use to influence the market and to influence it in accordance with the defined corporate objectives. Explainer films open up new possibilities for you in marketing and sales. Products, services and complicated processes are best represented by means of 2D animations. We produce your Explainer Video from the initial idea to the finished film. As you can see in this customer example, we first create a voiceover concept together with you. This concept forms the basis for the later timing of the animated video. Based on the text concept, we then start with the storyboard and raw illustrations. Together with you we then fine-tune the look & Feel of the illustrations. All of this then flows into the storyboard. Once the customer satisfaction votes have passed, we begin the animation process. Depending on the effort, this may take a few days. And voilá, you end up with your New Marketing Tools for your Corporate Storytelling.

Production period


Objective of the marketing tools

Product Explanation.

Main tasks in the implementation of marketing tools

Storyboard, design, illustrations, voice over casting and execution voice over recording, organization and planning, 2D animations.

Media/means for the explainer video

Online use B2B