Live event adventure – what makes a good event video.

The lights in the hall go out all of a sudden and the audience interrupts their conversations. Curious heads stretch towards the stage and impatient whistles break the seething silence. The tension is rising. When the bassline sounds and the bassist appears in the spotlight, the crowd breaks into hysterical screams. The drums kick in, then the lead guitar yelps. When finally the soulful voice of the singer is heard, the crowd can no longer be held back. The sound and camera shots of the camera team are on point, this concert will remain unforgotten!

Eigenart Film Production Adventure Live Events
live event adventure - what makes a good event video. 7

The investors take their seats in the hall after lunch and the initial digestive fatigue quickly fades. The renowned speaker brings an unusual new aspect to the day’s topic. The second camera is on air and underlines the new perspective. An exciting panel discussion is developing. The wrap-up video of the event will be edited in the aftermath. An off-screen narrator provides background information to match the video sequences, and the snappy cut to the beat of the music encourages bobbing. Each participant looks back on a unique experience and can revel in the feeling of having been there. The arguments of the heated discussion can be reviewed once again. Colleagues who were not at the event can also share in the aftermath. Event videos have become an indispensable marketing tool. Cleverly used, they can improve and sustainably strengthen the communication to the stakeholders of such an event.

Eigenart Film Production Adventure Live Events
live event adventure - what makes a good event video. 8
Eigenart Film Production Adventure Live Events
live event adventure - what makes a good event video. 9

The camera team leaves the booth and boldly joins the fray. “Pardon me, how do you actually clean your glasses?” the editor asks a man wearing glasses. He grins, takes off his glasses and wipes them clean on the sleeve of his sweater. The editor hands him a microfiber cloth from the manufacturer. He is delighted with the gift of the special cloth. Shortly afterwards, the man stops by the company’s booth to find out more.

Live events – as diverse as their creators

Live events, parties, concerts, festivals. Trainings, internal company parties, conferences, trade fairs. Each event film has a different character. However, they all have one thing in common: despite all the planning in advance, they develop a strong momentum of their own. Due to this particularity, they require spontaneity and flexibility from all responsible persons. In filmmaking, in addition to a well-thought-out concept, you need the right equipment to capture high-quality images. Darkened rooms and strong light-shadow changes require fast special cameras. Outdoor shoots must be carefully prepared to respond to varying weather conditions. State of the art drones are used for soft, stabilized, sharp footage from the air. If you want to follow VIPs through locations smoothly and flying, you need a gimbal. And in low light conditions, a battery of professional daylight illumination is used.

Eigenart Film Production Adventure Live Event
live event adventure - what makes a good event video. 10
Eigenart Film Production Adventure Live Events
live event adventure - what makes a good event video. 11
Eigenart Film Production Adventure Live Events

What it really comes down to – good preparation, professional planning and a lot of flexibility

We at Eigenart Filmproduktion are prepared for all that. Come what may! Without our years of experience in the production of live events, this would not be possible. We have a large network of highly specialized professionals. This means that we can always guarantee smooth processing. Our diverse equipment park allows us to react promptly and spontaneously to the most diverse requirements of our customers. Whether small flexible action cameras, larger camera systems such as DSLR and mirrorless cameras, various drone, crane and gimbal systems – we are equipped with them. If it may be a number larger, we also offer high-end cameras. These are used for motion pictures, or large TV commercials.

We see ourselves as a production company that offers customized solutions. We listen to you carefully. In dialog with you, we find out what really matters for your live events. Need a social media strategy live at your booth? Do you want to develop interactions with guests and create unique experiences via unusual storytelling? We want to sharpen your event and your vision. Especially for those magical moments that give you lasting goosebumps. And we want to hold on to them. So that your message and your video remain in the minds and hearts of your target group for as long as possible.

What are you planning? What inspires you? Contact us!