War for talents: the recruiting video as an emotional door opener.

In the “War for Young Talents”: Recruiting videos as emotional door openers.

“I want to go to Hamburg, there’s so much going on there!”, “I’d like to live near the mountains. Then I can go hiking right after work.”, “Well, to where I earn the most!” Once wishful thinking – now stage goals that many students can afford. Even before they graduate, campus recruiting tries to poach the next generation of talent – all students have to do is pick and choose. The same at schools, vocational colleges and training facilities.

Eigenart film production recruiting videos right approach

The right approach as the key to successful employee recruitment

Many companies today are suffering from a shortage of skilled workers and are desperately seeking good employees. Unfortunately, job boards, recruiters, agencies and advertisements, as well as good old vitamin B are not always promising in the young talent search. Why? Because it doesn’t pick up Generation Z where they are at home. Where is it? That’s right: on social media. Insta, YouTube and the like now hold all the trump cards. If you want to be a player in online recruiting, you have to have good cards and be constantly up to date. A successful social media campaign can work wonders and more and more companies are therefore also focusing on the topic of recruiting videos.

Eigenart film production recruiting videos
Eigenart film production recruiting videos

Fast cuts, young language and music, exciting effects and cool animations. Playful, cheeky and funny – that’s how you reach the young target group. After all, she grew up with Hollywood, is familiar with high-quality film productions and is extremely discerning. Memes, i.e. re-enacted film scenes, and cross-over stories are well received, as is exciting storytelling. Good stories entertain, create identification and arouse deep emotions. We know from neuromarketing that even rational purchasing decisions are subconsciously based on emotions. To do this, you have to understand the desires, values and needs of the younger generation. And pick them up where they are: Young people are often still disoriented, have many questions, want to feel comfortable and safe, and are looking for cohesion. But adventure is also important, further development, and the “team that is like a family”.

Attractive employers use social media for online recruiting

As a company, it’s about being authentic, bold, progressive and promising something that can be delivered: You’re in good hands with us. We pay attention to your needs. With us you can develop yourself. We want you! But wanting and having is no longer enough: If you want to retain young people in the long term, you have to remain attractive. Or to put it more simply: If companies don’t move with the times, employees do. Consistency is therefore a must, and this applies not only to external communication, but especially to internal communication as well. Events, anniversaries, occasions – no matter whether there is something to celebrate or something important to communicate: A sure instinct is often required. Here, too, it is important to develop individual formats based on a long-term strategy.

Eigenart film production recruiting videos
Eigenart film production recruiting videos

Professional services from consulting to the final video.

The basis of our service at Eigenart Filmproduktion is consulting. We look at your company from the outside and analyze the state of affairs. On this basis, we develop a sustainable strategy that is supported by a good story and can be broadly deployed in social media. Our claim is to show not only what is visible, but also what is invisible: Your corporate values, your special competencies and your uniqueness. So that you attract the employees who are a perfect fit for you. Employees who identify with your company and who want to grow alongside it in the long term.

You can see an example of what a well-made recruiting video can look like here:


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