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Project description commercial Lidl Italiamo products

The primary purpose of a commercial is to increase sales of the advertised product or to increase product confidence. To be able to build reach and awareness, the creative idea is the decisive factor. In this case, the target audience is addressed by specially cast actors. Fictitiously, an infinitely long pizza is baked in order to establish the analogy to the persistent taste of the Italian products at Lidl with the TV viewer. The spot was shot in one take, thus increasing credibility with the recipient. With elaborate compositing, lighting and shading, the impression of a photo-realistic pizza is created.

Are you planning to produce a commercial? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you in advance of production and ensure successful viral marketing campaigns with our unusual ideas.

MRM McCann

Production period


Advertising film objective

Increase awareness of Lidl Italiamo products

Main tasks

Organization and planning, casting, studio shooting, grading


Viral marketing, TV campaign